UPLIFT Fair Trade is a non-profit Fair Trade organisation with a vision to educate and empower Australians to ‘uplift’ people all over the world who are poor and marginalised. We exist to help grow the Fair Trade movement and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery.

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A Visit to Prowess

May 30, 2018

Fifty Kilometres of a twisty climb in a car with no seatbelts and a reckless driver brought about many emotions;  fear for our lives, awe for the beauty passed of long waterfalls, forrest greenery, monkeys and beautiful mountains and anticipation of what we would find at the top of the mountain providing we would survive. At last, after two hours we arrive in Kodiakanal, a town like no other we have visited in India, so far. Houses seem to be built into the walls of the mountain.  We feel the cool, peaceful breeze as we open the car door, soothing our troubled nerves.  There is a huge shortage of water here and are encouraged not to take unnecessary showers.  We...

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India Trip 2015 - Visiting the Mirtariqahmad Brothers

April 01, 2016

Our third and last day in Kashmir - we packed the car with all our luggage and squash into Sajad’s car. He has one last family he would like us to visit before we fly out midday. Travelling out from the city the roads begin opening up, lush fields, the sheer mountains peeking through the trees - but everywhere the effects of the flood waters still apparent - still a lush and beautiful drive. At the gate of the Mirtariqahmad house, we are met by the Father and the youngest brother, who walks with the aid of a walking stick. They take us into a room where the two older brothers are seated and stitching. While the effects of muscular dystrophy can...

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